Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Update

I haven't done any writing the past week, spent it all with editing, housekeeping, promo preparations and getting ready for GRNW. It's still weeks away, but I started packing. I'm the paranoid type of traveler wants to be ready for every eventuality, over packs, and ends up accidentally leaving behind something essential, like a toothbrush.

I bought me a new backpack from IKEA. It's big, but small enough to be a carry-on. I also got colorful plastic bottles for shampoo and stuff.

That should do it, right? On second thought, what'll the weather likely to be in Seattle in early September? Should I pack an umbrella? A raincoat? Wait, I don't own a raincoat.

On other notes, I've received Dead in the Desert Back from proof read and copy edit, and will spend the weekend formatting it. It'll be ready to sent out for reviews on Monday.

I went to the movies yesterday to see The End of the World. The fire alarm went off, a minute after I stepped inside. Having once worked for a company big on fire drills, I just turned around and walked out. Not so much the other patrons, but eventually they were all herded out.

People don't like unexpected stuff, even the threat of fiery death to mess with their routines and expectations. I vaguely recall an article about a London subway fire where people ignored barricades and walked straight into their deaths. The fire chief got into trouble saying that they died because of their own stupidity.

I obey the fire alarm, because whether there's a fire or not the big red trucks will show up and you'll be kicked off the premises anyway. Am I right?

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