Friday, August 2, 2013

NovelRank is Useless

Yeah, I know, not exactly a revelation. We all know it's numbers tend to be off, but at one point I thought maybe they were consistently off, and could be used to predict actual numbers. Out of curiosity I tracked one of my books for eight months and made a chart. The blue are is NovelRank's numbers, the pink is the actual sales.

The two are unevenly off. The issue seems to be that NovelRank can capture only one sale an hour, regardless if there were one or a hundred. The only time NovelRank's numbers come close to accurate if the book's sales are low.


  1. This is very reassuring to me LOL. I stopped following Novelrank some time ago, when it suddenly started turning itself off now and then.

    Now I can legitimately imagine I'm selling 100 an hour rather than 1. Even if it *is* 1, it takes away the stress of even trying to find out :):)

    1. That's the beauty of self-published books: you always know how many you're selling.