Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Word: Squirrelly

squirrelly |ˈskwər(ə)lē|adjectiverelating to or resembling a squirrel the chipmunks were little squirrelly things.informal restless, nervous, or unpredictable.• eccentric or insane.

Isn't it funny that to "squirrel something away" means to save it for a rainy day, yet squirrelly is synonymous with being nutty?

On a totally related note, Pink Squirrel Press presents:

In this collection you'll find five summery tales from both sides of the Atlantic.


  1. Wow, "insane" seems way beyond what I would classify as squirrelly.

    The Summer Lovin' contest is Tuesday, courtesy of Jamie for getting it organized. :)

    1. It's a good thing Jamie is organized because I'm sure not. Oh, and I think Jo went a little squirrelly doing all the formatting and uploads.

    2. LOL! I even got a frantic email from Clare this morning trying to set up a contest whilst she's on vacation.