Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage Monday: Two Gentlemen from Vienna

A handsome couple aren't they?

I know the picture was taken in Vienna because of the photographer's address, but it reminds me of the strange custom of changing the name of some foreign cities and countries. Not just the English do it either. The Hungarian name for Vienna/Wien is Bécs. Don't ask me why; I have no idea.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure New York is called New York in most of the world, but United States of America is Eggyesült Államok in Hungarian. (And Hungarian is magyar.) This gives rise to the frequent joke of calling Egybesült Államok. Egybesült is when you fry or deep-fry foodstuff and two pieces get stuck together in the process. Not unlike these two gents are stuck together. Ha! I knew I could bring it back around. :)

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