Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year!

Today is the first day of the Year of the Goat. Some say sheep, but I prefer goat. Goats are awesome; check youtube if you don't believe me.

Last year mostly sucked hairy donkey balls for me, and picked up only towards the very end. But I have high hopes for this new one. Yes, I have a smidgenly [sic] superstitious tendencies. I've been doing a lot of cover designs lately, and a bunch of different genres, and they are a source both for stress and pleasure. The thing is, I need them and not just because of the money. I crave the challenge and working in a visual media, and they provide a much more immediate gratification than writing.

Writing is a slow-burn creative endeavor, with different challenges and rewards. It's nice to have a bit of both.

I woke up this morning muzzy, trying to fix in my memory the bizarrely awesome dreams I had about magical worlds, strange and scary creatures, and general and utter weirdness that exists only in dreams. The imagery they came with was so very rich and "real," part contemporary, part fantasy. I wrote down the scraps I'd managed to rescue from the sandman. I might be able to use them in a story or two one day.

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