Monday, February 24, 2014

Vintage Monday: Vintage Antics

So there's another author meltdown going on, because we haven't had one in a while, and they're like the wild fires of Southern California—you may not know when and where but they will happen. The author in question has started it by attacking people making negative reviews on her books, and is currently busy spinning out of control on Goodreads and Facebook.

What struck me this time is how rude and crude the ABB (Author Behaving Badly) is. The whole thing is so turgid and over the top, you wonder if the author is channeling Tony Clifton. Could this whole kablooey be an elaborate publicity stunt?

These stupid fracases make me sad, because they always turn into an authors vs. readers skirmish, for no good reason. Yes, some authors are nut fuck crazy, and should be banned from the internet. As are some readers, I'm sure. But the vast majority of people in both groups are mostly sane, and even their occasional lunacy is of the inoffensive variety.

Well, frak. This drama is giving me a headache. I'm off to edit.

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