Thursday, February 6, 2014


It might sound like a sacrilege to some, but season three of Sherlock is not working for me at all. It's like a directionless whirlwind of implausible things. The very end of episode three, including the last frame, made me groan.

Here's thing: I don't care for supervillains. I also don't care for saving the world, or even a country. Upping the stakes doesn't necessarily up the drama, because the source of drama and suspense comes from following that one fictional character we came to care about. Hitchcock knew it, Raymond Chandler knew it. 


  1. I agree. To thine own self be true - as written, in this series Sherlock hasn't been true to the character which was developed in the first two series.

    1. Yes. They don't seem to exist in the same universe.