Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Men: Sunday Afternoon

I found this photo at the flea market yesterday. It's a little fuzzy and time-worn but it also has great details from that Lucky Strike ad to the partial ice cream sign. You can even see inside the shop. I'm pretty sure that's two stacks of ice cream cones in the window. This must be an early 1900s photo.


  1. Wonderful photo. Such a happy expression on the man. He's all spiffed up in nice suit and straw boater. And holding a kid who looks who looks like he could get into lots of fun and trouble...

    The hanging lamp in the shop looks like a bigger version of one in my sister's house which was built in the '30s. Lucky Strike has been around forever--cigarettes since the early 1900s. Are the guys in the ad wearing fedoras?
    I'm sure someone could pin-point the period by the logo and the illustration on that ad.

    Just a lovely little piece of history.

    1. They're both spiffed up, aren't they? That's why I think it's a Sunday. Dressed in their best, out for an ice cream. My feeling is that it must be 1920s, 30s, most likely 30s. The further you go back in time the harder to find casual snapshots, and I prefer those over studio portraits. That fact makes this one a treasure.