Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Men

I have fondness of old things, as the three vintage typewrites on my bookshelves attest. Collecting old photographs, especially snapshots is one of my hobbies. They absolutely fascinate me. That moment of time and place they preserve is like a single line ripped out of a narrative, full of subtext and potential.

So I decided to dig into my collection and use it to celebrate men. There will be no explicit content, because, sadly, I don't own any. Just plain old men, and not even gay. Although if your imagination runs away with you, dear blog reader, I can't stop you. In some cases it doesn't take much, like with these two goofballs:


  1. Erm, no, it really doesn't, do it?! :)

    1. Not a single naughty thought crossed my mind, I swear. Oh, those skinny legs.