Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Weather

We've had three days of rain and it was all over the news. It was  a big rain, but not exactly a biblical flood. I'm guessing the local news station were desperate for a break from their usual fare of high-speed car chases, shootings, and freeway closures.

There was a threat of mudslides. That's the thing with L.A. geography—we have hills and valleys. Valleys are the uncool places to live but they are less prone to weather damage. Those who can afford it live in the hills, but those areas are covered in vegetation. When we have rains, the shrubbery grows. The more rain, the more shrubbery. During the summer it completely dries out. After several years of this cycle the all that bone dry vegetation says, fuck this shit, I'm gonna burn. And it does.

Certain areas have a big fire every couple of decades, and when you hear on the news about evacuations and houses in danger, those are often (multi-)million dollar homes. (Especially, when it's Malibu Hills.) Built in fire-prone areas. And I'm short on sympathy.

And then when a big rain falls over recently burned areas, there's no vegetation to keep the soil in place, and the result is mudslides.

Anyway, here I am in the Valley, still editing. The sun is supposed to come out again next week.

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