Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Word: Torpefy

torpefy |ˈtôrpəˌfī|
verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. formalmake (someone or something) numb, paralyzed, or lifeless.ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from Latin torpefacere, from torpere ‘be numb or sluggish.’

From Dead Man and the Lustful Spirit:

While Denton put the coffee on, Bran scooped cookie dough from the plastic tub and rolled it into balls before placing them on top of the parchment paper lining the baking sheet. He kept talking as he went. “A full demon could move about freely, but a demonic spirit needs a host. Which means it is now trapped inside Lenny. I’ll put a spell of torpidity on Lenny to make his body useless to the spirit. Also to protect him.”


“Torpefy is the same as paralyze,” Bran said. “The grimoires I learned from were rather old.”

This short story is set between Dead Man and the Restless Spirits and the sequel, which I hopefully start writing very soon. It's available free on Goodreads, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks, but still costs $0.99 on Amazon. Goddess knows if I'll be able to set it free there too.