Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Snippet

Just wrapping up line edits for Temper Sanguine. The book has a fair bit of Hungarian, and I feel sorry for my editors who had to deal with it. Hungarian it's not an easy language, some say it's one of the hardest ones to learn. Harvey is certainly not having an easy time with it:

Thwap! The book hit the wall, bounced and landed on the floor, pages flailing like the arms of men slipping on ice.

“Your language is fucking impossible!” Harvey snarled from his spot on the couch.
Gabe played dumb. “What’s wrong with English?”

“Hungarian! It’s…” Harvey sputtered out in frustration but quickly gathered steam again. “The grammar must’ve been invented by a sadist. Your people simply take a word and stick more letters to it from both ends to make it mean whatever you want. It’s like a syllabic orgy, and there are all these stupid rules about vowels and stuff, and the whole thing’s about as straightforward as three-person chess.” He stood and picked up the book. He leafed through it till he found what he’d been looking for. “Take this, for example. How the hell is elmehetsz supposed to mean you may leave? And the root word is megy! What the fuck? This language is ridiculous.” He flung himself back on the couch.


  1. I can't wait for this book to come out! Sooo looking forward to it!!

    1. All this waiting is killing me too. I try not to think about it.