Friday, July 12, 2013

Just a Random Rant

Every time I hear an author says they write from themselves I get ranty. Most of the time the hidden meaning behind that declaration is that they don't want to deal with pesky stuff like being edited. That's just damn right foolish, in my opinion. Artistic integrity, purity of voice, blah, blah, blah. Do these people seriously think their writing is flawless? Especially brand new authors?

Not all editors created equal, but a good one—and right one for you—will help you get better at what you do. It stings to hear that something in you writing doesn't work, and the first instinct is to kick against it. At least that's how I am. However, considering the feedback has always resulted in an improvement for me.

What really rankles me about the "I write for myself" statement is that it implies that the person uttering it is above us rabble that care about commercial success. I'm sorry, but the starving artist ideal is a big pile of stink. (Personally, I don't even aspire to be an artist, but a craftsman. My goal is to entertain.)

There's a strange notion floating around that it's somehow not right to earn money with something you enjoy. As if you only deserved to get paid if you hate your job. Suffering and self-sacrifice is pre-requisite. 


  1. Whenever I read those words, I roll my eyes and move the writer to the bottom of my to-read list - if not off it completely.

    1. It's a strange thing to hear from anyone who bothers to publish their books.