Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Alive!

Release day is when the author goes bonkers, climbs on the virtual rooftops and starts shouting like a mad man. Look at me! BUY! BUY! It's called promo. It certainly has its uses, but when done in excess, it tends to annoy the very people you're trying to attract. I'll try to keep my rooftop—aka guest blog—appearances entertaining at least.

For now I want to talk about Gin Wigmore. You probably never heard of her, but that's because she's Australian. My first exposure to her music was during the end credits of the season four finale of Weeds. It sounded a bit like Amy Winehouse, but the lyrics were unfamiliar. After a little search I found out it was Hey Ho by Gin. (It's such a great name. I wish my name was Gin. Or Ginn.) I liked the music, so I bought her album.

I especially liked Too Late For Lovers, partially because it seemed to fit the novel I'd just started working on. The song has one of those nonsensical lyrics that could mean anything, yet it had an eerie resonance with the POV of Jay--one of my protagonists. So Too Late For Lovers became my theme song. It even helped me to with the title. I took Last Stop from a frame of the video (3:02):

The neon sign made my its way into my story too. By the way, I've photographed the diner from the video, so I know the sign had been added by the film crew.

Looks far less romantic, even with that billboard there, doesn't it? I'll have to go back one day, and shoot it when the light is better.

Right. There's something I'm supposed to say here… Oh yea, Look at me! BUY! BUY!