Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gay Pride LA

It was last weekend, and I was there. I have the sunburn to show for it too. If you'd like to see more pictures and a cheeky commentary by Jay from Last Stop, head over to Chicks & Dicks.

I've totally given up on photographing events like this with my big expensive camera--it always turns out crud. So now I use the iPhone. It has nice apps to add frame and other effects.

The drawback of the phone is the highly reflective surface. Half the time I have no idea if I'm getting the framing right. Of course, photographing at high noon in LA is an exercise in futility anyway--there will be sharp shadows everywhere.


  1. Next weekend is TC Pride - the 40th year!

    1. Definitely! It's only a 15-minute walk from where I live. :)