Monday, November 3, 2014

Come see me (and other, more interesting authors) at BentCon this weekend!

I'll be at BentCon this weekend. It's my second time at this event, but last year I popped in as a visitor, to test out of the waters. The event is what ComiCon must've been when it just started out--small, loosely but enthusiastically organized. Oh, and bent, of course.

LE Franks and Rhys Ford have taken it upon themselves to present the m/m contingent under the Inkslingers umbrella. We'll have a booth, sell books, participate on panels. I don't envy them for having to herd unruly cats like yours truly. Scroll down this page to see who will be there.

Stop by if you're from LA. It's a cool, informal event and the tickets are dirt cheap.

I'll be womanning the booth at these times:

Friday 3-5pm and 6-7pm
Saturday 5-8 pm
Sunday 2-5 pm

I'll be on the Scify, Fantasy, and Supernatural Panel 5-6 pm on Friday and Surviving Self-Publishing 1-2 pm on Sunday.

I'll be floating about the other times too, but don't try to catch me 12-5pm on Saturday--I'll be going to series of panels during that time.

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