Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Status Update – The Hot And Sticky Edition

I've been melting—it's been too effing hot in SoCal lately.  It's kinda hard to think when your brain is trying to turn into jello.

On the bright side, I managed to finish the first draft of Secrets and Bow Ties, the third book in the Secrets collection. The first one was Secrets and Ink and came out last December. The second one is Secrets and Charms and is slated for this December.

The one-year gap between book one and two is pretty big, but since Bow Ties is not a sequel but a spin off, I hope it doesn't matter too much. Bow Ties is supposed to come out in May 2015, and the fourth book, Secrets and High Spirits in October 2015, so those three will be pretty close together—assuming everything goes according to plans.

 It is often said that in a series the sales go down by every sequel. I wonder if this still applies if the stories are not actual sequels. Every Secrets book is a standalone, can be read in any order. Characters wander from one the other, but the protagonists of one story are bit players of the other.

Supporting characters from other books make appearances too. Bran's mother, Layla, (Dead Man books) plays a small role in Charms, and will probably return in High Spirits. Struggling actress, Sandy Baker first had a role in Hanging Loose, and was mentioned in Spirit Sanguine. In Charms she has a very big supporting role.

Before jumping on High Spirits, I plan to write another novella featuring Jon and Leander from Dead In L.A. and Dead In The Desert. I also have plans for another paranormal book or series, in the vein of the Dead Man books, but with different characters and set in LA. Hopefully my brain won't melt before I get to it.

(gratuitous cat picture)


  1. Pretty kitty! :)

    Here we've been having unseasonably cool weather - last week we had highs only in the 50s. It's a bit warmer now (highs in the 60s, maybe even 70 a few times this week), but it just feels too soon.

    1. She has her moments.

      I could totally take some unseasonably cool right now.