Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Word: Psychopomp

psychopomp |ˈsīkōˌpämp| (alsopsychopompos |ˌsīkōˈpämpəs; -ˈpämpäs|)noun(in Greek mythology) a guide of souls to the place of the dead.• the spiritual guide of a living person's soul.ORIGIN from Greek psukhopompos, from psukhēsoul’ pompos ‘conductor.’

I've been doing research into demons and subversive spirits lately and that's how I came across this word. I've never heard it before, and it's not something that would come up in everyday conversation, but it makes sense to have a term for all the various entities who guide the dead into the afterlife. All cultures have them, after all.


  1. I think I've read this word and worked out its approximate meaning in context, but I didn't REALLY know what it meant.

  2. My phone has a dictionary app, so whenever I come across a new word I look it up and bookmark it.