Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Release Day Goodies

It's Temper Sanguine's release day at last! It feels such a long time in the making—I submitted the MS to my Samhain editor last December. If patience is a virtue, I'm a wicked tart of impatience. But the book is out and the moment is almost anticlimactic. I should probably be beating pots and pans, figuratively speaking, but I hate author spam when others do it. Maybe I'll just clink some glasses instead.

I just made Temper Sanguine's Pinterest board public. Being highly visual, during writing I do a lot of research for visual representations of the places and things that appear in my books. It makes sense to share some of them with whoever is interested. This board contains a few snippets some might consider spoilerish, so peruse at your own risk!

Temper Sanguine available:

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