Monday, December 30, 2013

Vintage Monday: Two Kids in Matching Jackets

Flea market find. I picked this photo from a cardboard box full of old photos, simply because the kids' expression and their matching outfits grabbed my attention. There's something both enduring and sad of discarded old photographs. The kids have grown old and died, and there's nobody left to even remember who they were, yet the picture stubbornly remains. A long gone moment trapped in silver.


  1. They are wearing school uniforms, of course. This is probably the first day of term, maybe the first day the boy went to his big sister's school. His cap is a little large for him, although his blazer fits quite well. I bet he ended up wearing his sister's blazers as they grew up and she grew out of them well before they were worn out! He may even have found himself wearing her shoes, too, since they look identical and kids always grow out of good shoes before they wear out.

    It's sweet that even the socks seem to be prescribed, with the little stripe. And don't they both look proud!

    1. Ah, I didn't even think of school uniforms, but it's so obvious, isn't it? At least the little boy had his own shorts. :)

    2. Maybe you never saw them in real life. I had to wear things like this, and so did my brother...

    3. Yeah, my school uniform involved red neck scarves.