Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Word: Funicular

funicular |fyoŏˈnikyələr|adjective(of a railroad, esp. one on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending carscounterbalanced.of or relating to a rope or its tension.nouna railroad operating in such a way.ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (in the sense [of or like a cord or thread] ): from Latin funiculus (diminutive of funis‘rope’ ) + -ar 1.
It's probably one of those words many people know but rarely have and occasion to use. I simply love this word because of the way it sounds.


  1. Was it Readers' Digest that used to have a category "funny peculiar"? (as opposed to "funny ha-ha"). I always think that funicular sounds like an abbreviation of that.

    1. LOL! And that label fits the funicular so well.

  2. I've heard the word, but pretty sure I've never known what it meant.