Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Word: Trivet

trivet |ˈtrivit|noun    • an iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on.• an iron bracket designed to hook onto bars of a grate for a similar purpose.• a small plate placed under a hot serving dish to protect a table.ORIGIN late Middle English : apparently from Latintripes, triped- ‘three-legged,’ from tri- ‘three’ pes,ped- ‘foot.’Semi-recently I had a conversation with friends about food. It happened after consuming a delicious meal of untraditional sausages (mine was duck). The word trivet came up and I was surprised to find out that to my friends it only meant the metal thingie you put under a pot. While to me it brought to mind the three-legged stand used to hang a cauldron style cooking pot from.

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