Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Word: Cockle

cockle 1 |ˈkäkəl|
1 an edible, burrowing bivalve mollusk with a strong ribbed shell. • Genus Cardium, family Cardiidae.
2 (also cockleshell) poetic/literary a small shallow boat.
warm the cockles of one's heart give one a comforting feeling of pleasure or contentment.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French coquille ‘shell,’ based on Greek konkhulion, from konkhē ‘conch.’

 How did this saying come about? What do mollusks have to do with holiday cheer? I'm guessing, cockles need a lot of warming, living in the cold ocean.

It's almost Christmas again, and you start to wonder where the year went. Well there's no use to ponder; it's good and gone. Time is better spent curling up on the sofa with mug of mulled wine or hot cider and a good book.

Come and join the authors of Winter Warmers this week on our Toe-Tingling, Finger-unFrosting, Neck-Nuzzling, Sofa-Snuggling Blog Tour - all for the purpose of keeping you warm, you understand!

Each day, one of us will chat about the why and how of our warming, heartfelt, romantic and amusing stories. Feel free to chat with any of us about your thoughts for the season - especially if you have equally good ideas to keep warm :) And your comment will also enter you into a draw on Monday Dec 17 to win a FREE COPY.

Clare London's turn was on Monday—that's where I stole cockles from. Jo Myles posted yesterday.

My story in the collection, Wintertide, is set in Los Angeles, where I live. Here in Southern California we don't have picture card winters, there's no snow, but they days are shorter and cooler, and might even rain. It's easier to get melancholy. So it's now wonder that my story is about a couple of guys suffering from seasonal sorrows.

WINTER WARMERS - a seasonal anthology

Mulled wine. Butterscotch kisses. Hideous sweaters. Candy at the beach, or a trip to a sex shop in Amsterdam. And the man of your dreams, wrapped around you...

Winter warmers come in many shapes and sizes, from the tongue-in-cheek to the hot-as-hell. Enjoy a quintet of heart-warming tales of men loving men from Clare London, Chrissy Munder, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, and Lou Harper that are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

One thing's for sure—it's going to be a red-hot Christmas!


Lucky Dip by Clare London
Andy Jackson always knew that class 2C’s help in preparing for the annual Christmas Fair would be a mixed blessing. Then he’s paired up on the Lucky Dip with Greg, the man who dumped him but now can’t keep away, the pupils are either lecturing him on his lovelife or losing bladder control, and no one’s fixed the broken handle on the storage room. It may all be one whoopee cushion too far for him.

Butterscotch Kisses by Chrissy Munder
Matthew Morrison is determined to conquer his fear of heights and achieve a winning outcome. At least, that's what the best-selling, self-help book he's listening to promises. Being stuck on a three-story tower in the middle of a snowstorm wasn't part of the plan. With no St. Bernard in sight, it's Cute Ticket Guy Adam to the rescue, and an outcome Matthew never anticipated.

Wintertide by Lou Harper
May meets December when Jem and Oscar chance on each other at the Santa Monica Pier, only weeks before Christmas. The two men are separated by age, social status, and their taste in candy, yet if they are both naughty and nice, they might just find holiday cheer together.

When in Amsterdam... by Josephine Myles
Brandon is on his first visit to new boyfriend Jos's home country, just in time for their Sinterklaas celebrations. But an unexpected detour into a sex shop leads Brandon to new discoveries about himself, and a whole new dynamic to their relationship. The weather may be cold and damp, but Brandon and Jos soon heat things up!

A Pint of Beer, a Bag of Chips, and Thou by JL Merrow
What's the best gift a young man could get for Christmas? Mohawked saxophonist Liam wouldn't have picked the hideous collection of knitwear he's presented with by his mum and his aunties. He'd rather have the gorgeous older man he sees every day while busking at King's Cross. But with a little Christmas magic in the air, maybe those garish garments are just the thing for attracting a silver fox...


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  1. Cockles are revolting little things. They sell them in polystyrene cups sometimes on seafood market stalls. Almost as horrid as jellied eels *shudders*