Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good News Thursday

It's a rare gloomy day here in L.A. but I woke up to a couple of good news. My novel, Spirit Sanguine, now has a release date: 4/14/2013. Sanguine features Harvey, the decidedly non-brooding vampire, and Gabe, a conflicted slayer.

In another excellent news, Last Stop got a very nice review on Smitten with Reading. I love late reviews. They liven up the dead space that starts a few months after a release and lasts till the next one. It's the time of self-doubt and anxiety, so it's wonderful to hear that someone likes your book.


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    1. Thanks!

      Btw, did you know 3/14 was Pi Day?

  2. Yes! :D Altho I pretty much need to be reminded every year.