Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Snippet

One of the underlying concepts of my vampire WIP is that when people are converted to undead they retain their original tastes personalities. They don't suddenly start brooding and wear velvet and puffy shirts.

Harvey, the nerdy vamp and his lover, Gabe, the reformed slayer, have a kink for role-playing games. It comes into focus most in the third novella, but there are hints of it in the second story, The Cheerful Corpse, as well.

"What's your sign, gorgeous, and don't say it's stop, because I don't think I can," a lewd voice whispered into Gabe's ear.

Gabe stifled a snort and looked sideways. Harvey leered back at him. That was new. Harvey the lusty seducer, and Gabe the prey. They were wrong for the roles, but what the heck. Gabe went along. "If you think you can take advantage of my inabbreviated…ineb…drunken state, mister, you're absolutely right."

Chuckling, Harvey fell straight out of character. "C'mon, you oaf. Time to go home." He nudged Gabe off the barstool.

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